2F(201)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO2
3F(301)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO3
4F(401)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO4
5F(501)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO5
6F(601)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO6
7F(701)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO7
8F(801)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO8
9F(901)ご宿泊者様:駐車場ナンバー NO9




About Parking

The hotel provides a maximum of two parking spaces for some rooms.
Please park the first car at the number of your room floor.
For guests staying on the 2nd floor, please park at parking lot number 2.
Parking lot number 3 for guests staying on the 3rd floor
Parking lot number NO4 for guests staying on the 4th floor
For guests staying on the 5th floor, parking lot number 5
For guests staying on the 6th floor, parking lot number 6
Guests staying on the 7th floor: parking lot number 7
Guests staying on the 8th floor: parking lot number 8
For guests staying on the 9th floor, parking lot number 9

If you wish to park a second car, please park it at NO10, NO11

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any accidents, theft, or problems that may occur in the parking lots, so please take care of your car yourself.
In the event of an accident or theft, we recommend that you report it to the police.